Broadcast Media Psychological Support Services

Based upon my seventeen years’ experience of working in TV production, I feel uniquely qualified to offer the following:

Individual therapy for those working in the industry

The challenges of filming schedules, demanding storylines or disclosure of personal issues, whilst filming, can affect not only those in front of the camera, but also those behind. I provide location and studio counselling to those who may require it.

Psychological risk assessment: screening of potential programme contributors.

As Reality Television continues to rise in popularity, more and more consideration is being given to the impact that this genre can have on its participants. A Psychological Risk Assessment (PRA) should be regarded as a crucial part of pre-production.  Undertaking this provides evidence that the producers have sought to establish the psychological suitability of participants. I have extensive experience of conducting initial assessments with individuals, triaged into NHS-partnered IAPT services.

Psychological support to contributors, as required

Being involved in filming a television programme can be a tasking and arduous experience, which can sometimes take a severe mental toll on its participants.

As a duty of care, productions may find that they are required to offer ongoing support to contributors. They may also need to consult with a psychological advisor as to how best to proceed with issues that arise.

Whether on location, or in the studio, I  can provide a confidential counselling support service, tailored to your needs.