Counselling Services

Counselling offers the opportunity to gain clarity and view your experience from a different perspective. It provides a confidential and safe space to discuss and explore issues. It helps you to recognise your patterns of behaviour and core beliefs. You may not always be able to recognise these on your own.  If you are visiting these pages, the likelihood is that you are experiencing  an issue which you feel therapy might address. Take a positive step  and contact me today to arrange a free phone consultation.  

Free Phone Consultation

I offer a free consultation by phone lasting around 30 minutes. This allows time for you to discuss your enquiry and to ask questions about the services. It is an opportunity for you to gain a feel for me as therapist, ensuring that you are able to make an informed decision.

Individual Therapy

Life throws many surprises at us and, while we cannot predict the outcomes of any situation, we can, with the help of therapy, understand ourselves better and take control of how we respond to particular situations.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy aims to resolve interpersonal conflicts. It can identify personal triggers and attempts to  facilitate a process whereby communication is improved. 

Counselling for Trainees

For  student counsellors and psychotherapists, who are required to undergo mandatory personal therapy as part of their course requirements,  I offer two reduced rate slots. 

Telephone counselling

Face to face therapy is not suitable for everyone.  In these cases therapy by phone proves to be a successful alternative.

Skype counselling

Counselling by Skype/Video Call is also popular, especially for clients located outside of the city, or due to travel for work or personal reasons. Skype offers the facility to stay in touch with your therapist.   

Home & Organisational

Home & Organisational visits can be arranged. Please note that the fee is determined by the  distance involved.  Workplace visits are subject to employer approval.